How TV and Digital Can Be Used Together

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If you’re a public affairs industry professional I am sure you know that Digital and TV are in conflict with each other in the advertising space. The TV folks perceive digital as threatening the size of their ad buys, and the digital guys often see TV as an outdated and inefficient (expensive) medium.

Personally, I think both views are inaccurate. For the most part, in the immediate future, I don’t see TV going anywhere and digital’s presence is only going to continue growing (especially mobile).

If you step out of the ring for a second and look away from the title fight between TV and Digital, it becomes clear to see that Digital and TV are actually complimentary and should be working together to achieve the best possible results. I have made this same argument for using both Google Display and Facebook Display platforms together in one of my previous blog posts, Google vs. Facebook.

Simply put, what TV lacks Digital accounts for and vice versa. Digital provides us the unparalleled ability to microtarget, test messages, reach your audience where ever they are, and track conversions – all in real time. And, TV still provides a lot of volume (large audience) you can reach at once – great for generating awareness when paired with display advertising.

So, how can these two work together?

Well, here’s a great example of what we do with our client, Western Dental: For TV spots, we utilize digital advertising to test different messages before they invest the money into a single message. Digital allows us to test multiple messages at once to see which performs best. This is how we make decisions based on real data to help the client determine how best to invest their advertising dollars.

For digital, we often see a boost in conversions over an extended period of time when the audience sees/hears our message over and over again. The key to a great awareness campaign is frequency, which can be achieved best by combining both TV and Digital. Heck, we even recommend a digital radio (Pandora) spot for maximum message recall!


  • Use TV and Digital together for best results in awareness campaigns
  • Use digital data generated with A/B message testing to make informed, educated decisions on larger media buys – it’s always smart to test!
  • A diverse media mix is always a smart strategy, as today’s audience climate is fragmented. You just can’t reach everyone on a single platform like you could the good ol’ days.

What next?

Well, if you have any upcoming campaigns or projects with a digital component give us a call! Our digital specialists will happily chat with you about our ideas on how we can work together!

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