Not using VIDEO ads?

If you manage digital for a public affairs firm and you run digital campaigns on behalf of your client, but you’re not running video ads you’re missing a HUGE Opportunity: Video Advertising on YouTube

Although YouTube advertising is more cost effective and measurable, the power of video advertising is often overlooked by campaign consultants and public affairs agencies, mainly because the industry still relies heavily on traditional digital buys, or TV advertising.

A quick look at what has happened to television in the past few years should make clear why those who do not embrace video advertising on YouTube are ignoring a huge opportunity.

Let’s take a look at a case study that will make you rethink your budget allocation for YouTube. Today’s audience climate can be described as ‘fragmented.’ So, let’s talk about the fragmentation of audience viewers between newer forms of media.

Audience Fragmentation

  • Not long ago… just a handful of stations: reaching 50% of viewing audience was possible
  • 1983: 125 million people watched the series finale of “M*A*S*H”
  • 2004: 52 million watched the finale of “Friends”
  • 2014: just 12.9 million watched the end of “How I Met Your Mother“
  • Most popular shows:10 yrs ago: “Law & Order” 20 million viewers.
    • Last year: “Mad Men” 3 million
  • “time-shifted viewing”: driven by DVRs, video-on-demand options & mobile device
  • Demographic selection: people can choose what they want, when they want it


A look at YouTube usage

  • Second largest search engine (after Google)
  • Over 300 hours of video uploaded/minute
  • 6 billion hours watched/mo; 55% on mobile device
  • Though number of viewers evenly split, male spend 44% more time per month
  • Reaches 81% of internet users in US
  • Millennials single largest cohort
  • 18-24 cohort: 31.8 million users (98% of users in that age bracket) avg. 10hrs 15mins per month
  • 65+ cohort: 19.4 million users (74% of users in that age bracket) avg. 3hrs 54mins per month
  • Teens and millennials are mobile video consumers: 98% of 18-34 reported using their smartphone on a daily basis to consume video content—42% higher than on computers; 17% higher than on TVs

YouTube: Campaign Overview

Campaign Report (Apr 1, 2016-Apr 30, 2016                    
  Campaign Imps Views View rate Avg. CPV Cost Avg. CPM Video played to 25% Video played to 50% Video played to 75% Video played to 100%
  Video – Monterey 310,607 17,467 5.62% $0.12 $2,157.53 $6.95 50.06% 32.03% 26.02% 22.89%
  Video – Ventura 214,193 14,646 6.84% $0.14 $2,000.63 $9.34 46.18% 28.26% 22.70% 19.23%
  Total 524,800 32,113 6.12% $0.13 $4,158.16 $7.92 48.08% 30.11% 24.33% 21.03%



  • Under 2k impressions but 186 views: view rate of 9.90%
  • Cost per View: $0.14
  • Video played to: 43% first 25%; 24% half way; 18% 3/4 s way; 15% to end
  • Impression share of 23%
  • Instream much better view rate & lower CPV

What next?

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