Digital Advertising in the 2018 Cycle

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In anticipation of a busy 2018 election year, campaign consultants and pubic affairs agencies are gearing up to allocate larger-than-ever digital budgets and determine how best to leverage digital for their clients. Are you prepared to address your clients’ digital wants and needs?

With the rapidly growing trend of increasing digital ad spend budgets, digital ad sales will grow by another $10 billion this year to reach $80 billion (+14%) while offline ad sales will decrease by $3 billion to $103 billion (-3%). This large (and rapid) shift in digital has created a massive market opportunity of digital services for digital agencies, programatic vendors, local cable outlets, and marketing and advertising consultants all racing to grab a piece of the growing digital pie.

So, as agencies and consultants who need big wins for your clients, how do you know what digital strategy you need or which digital partners to trust?

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to go to Russia to figure it out! Here are the three things we recommend you do to prepare for a successful election year in 2018:

  1. Select an effective digital platform: Often our clients come to us with the idea that an impression-based (CPM) “digital buy” is what they need for their campaign’s digital component. If you’re considering an impression-based digital buy we recommend having a call with us to discuss your digital options. Not all digital is created equal.
  2. Know and craft the appropriate digital strategy: Do you want reach voters? Do you want to reach legislators? Do you want constituents to take a specific action? Each of these objectives requires a unique digital strategy. Talk to us about the differences.
  3. Choose the right digital partner: The right digital partner is going to develop your digital strategy and help you communicate it to your client; translate your campaign message to digital; utilize data to effectively target your audience; and provide regular detailed reporting on results and budget — you’ll know exactly what’s performing and where so you can react accordingly.

What’s next?

Okay, now you know the three things you should do in preparation for the rapidly approaching 2018 election cycle, now what? Well, if you have any upcoming campaigns or projects with a digital component give us a call! Our digital specialists will happily chat with you about our ideas on how we can work together!

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