5 Major Digital Trends for 2018

As 2017 comes to a close it’s time for us to evaluate our media mix to identify which tools served us best. In doing this, it might be best if we had some foresight into what the market is saying about digital in 2018. So, to help you plan for 2018, we’re going to go […]

Why Digital Advertising?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reach your audience wherever they are at this moment? Well, with digital advertising you can reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time. You no longer have to rely on people driving by your billboard, seeing your 30-second TV slot or seeing your ad […]

How TV and Digital Can Be Used Together

If you’re a public affairs industry professional I am sure you know that Digital and TV are in conflict with each other in the advertising space. The TV folks perceive digital as threatening the size of their ad buys, and the digital guys often see TV as an outdated and inefficient (expensive) medium. Personally, I […]

Google vs. Facebook

We all know that between Google and Facebook, the two tech giants pretty much own the world. They know virtually everything about their users that a company could possibly know, and then some… So, which one is a better advertising platform and where should you put your clients’ advertising dollars? This article aims to point […]

Not using VIDEO ads?

If you manage digital for a public affairs firm and you run digital campaigns on behalf of your client, but you’re not running video ads you’re missing a HUGE Opportunity: Video Advertising on YouTube Although YouTube advertising is more cost effective and measurable, the power of video advertising is often overlooked by campaign consultants and […]

3 Digital Trends for Public Affairs Firms

Public affairs is a multi-faceted space where communications professionals, lobbyists, grassroots advocacy specialists, policy experts, political involvement specialists and associations coordinate their activities to achieve advocacy success. And today, savvy agencies that desire to increase their effectiveness are focusing their strategic efforts on digital public affairs and digital advocacy, a space where online tools and […]

How Trump Won /w Digital

If you’re a campaign consultant, or work in public affairs you know that it’s no secret digital marketing and advertising plays a much larger role in political campaigns cycle after cycle. In 2008 Obama used Facebook his first time around to connect with soccer moms to defeat his rival Senator John McCain. This past cycle, […]