Senate Bill 1234


Our client was retained to manage and oversee earned media, social media, digital and online campaigning and other
responsibilities specific to a campaign that opposed SB 1234.

Our team’s job was to break through the noisy landscape and grab the attention of legislators in an effort impress upon them an urgent matter that needed immediate attention.

It worked. Our client’s account executives received calls directly from key targets while they were on the floor asking why their Twitter accounts were blowing up.


Our team created a custom online advertising campaign in opposition of SB 1234 that targeted select members of the legislature. The question we started with when planning our approach was, how would we reach such a small audience, in a short amount of time, at precisely the right window of opportunity?


We knew we had to develop a custom solution that auto-triggered several key tasks to achieve this unique level of highly targeted communication.

We knew that legislators would listen to their constituents, so we put together a budget-heavy, front-loaded campaign to activate Californians and encourage them to engage with our ads and take action – contact their legislators / assembly members and say “NO”

We drove all relevant traffic to our custom-developed landing page with a call to action to generate a “conversion”
a. “Click to say NO!”
b. “Contact your legislators NOW!””
c. “Notify the media!”

In addition to this effort we helped our client obtain support from board members and world renown physicians – create third party validator social posts with quotes.



The landing page automatically activates four features when the user submits information via the call to action button (”send”).


Email to user’s Assemblymember.


Email to local media / newspaper.

Action 4:

Internal email notification sent to the client when a user submits their information. This information is saved in a database for the client to use and repurpose for future efforts.

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