Californians for Energy Independence


Our team was presented with the opportunity to take over all digital work for Californians for Energy Independence.

Our job was to find a way to break through the cluttered landscape of misconceptions and media hype to communicate the benefits of California-produced energy and grow a coalition of voting supporters.



We planned on launching an aggressive digital strategy, but we knew the biggest obstacle would be cutting through the media hype and getting past the misconceptions created by a passionate and intense opposition. We were operating on a limited budget that we inherited, and we had to be louder and all over the place with our messaging.

Fortunately, one of our biggest strengths is campaign optimization – namely, we get you more bang for your budget. A lot more bang.

Our team helped build a coalition of over 217,000 supporters in California.

The biggest difference in the CEI campaign compared to the opposition was the amount of data we had available to us. We had a larger advertising budget and were able to generate a fair amount of data. We knew we could leverage the data and implement a data-driven approach.

The data allowed us to create messaging specific to the topics people cared about. Once we knew what they cared about we had to create content that was easy-to-consume, visually compelling, and would resonate long after it was seen.

We viewed the digital operation more like an e-commerce, or lead generation campaign. We used clear messaging with strong calls to action.

We launched a website redesign that had a visual storytelling look and feel to it, with eye-catching graphics, third-party validators, a social media center, and more than just the ‘cookie-cutter’ templates that opposition groups use.

Our advertising strategy can be summed up in one word: conversion. Everything we did had the goal of getting California voters to join our coalition. All of our efforts were direct response, whether that was building our email list or getting people to share our content.

We focused on determining our cost per acquisition (CPA) for a coalition member and ensuring that every dollar spent brought back a voting supporter under that target CPA.



Our team helped grow the CEI coalition from 40,000 to 217,000 over a period of two years.

Our efforts increased CEI’s social footprint on Facebook and Twitter, growing Facebook from 20,000 to 165,000 and Twitter from 700 to 16,000.

We created over 1,000 unique social media posts that generated over 50,000 post shares, 20,000 post comments, and 180,000 post likes.

Working closely with our client we created visual content that told our story in a compelling way, which ultimately lead to the creation of the largest pro-energy production coalition in California.


Visual Storytelling

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